In order to help clients create effective, tailored sustainability strategies, ESG has created a suite of best practice service offerings to guide clients to create powerful solutions: –

  • Market analysis and benchmarking to understand where clients are positioned in relation to their peers
  • Tools that plug into benchmarking and stakeholder engagement results to develop a sustainability strategy and implementation plans that deliver clear guidance for the way ahead
  • Frameworks that establish meaningful sustainability performance goals and create roadmaps to ensure targets are met within their given timeframes
  • Customizable sustainability policies and frameworks to guide the organization to a more sustainable future
  • Employee training to create awareness and understanding the company’s sustainable goals and facilitate performance through staff buy-in and collaboration
  • Fundamental to all sustainability strategies is the ability to accurately measure and report on the green building performance at the corporate level, whereas one of the many yet powerful measurement and reporting tools in the sustainability arena in helping our clients achieve outstanding results with measuring and reporting is Global Real Estate Benchmark (‘GRESB’) reporting and performance improvement advisory. Beyond external indices and benchmarks, we also have full range of experience in producing various bespoke measurement frameworks for internal reporting to decision makers.

ESG has proven track record of helping clients achieve their green building objectives, in particular, reposition existing, ‘non green’ assets in the new green building marketplace to check on the below services on the behalf of our clients in an effective and efficient way: –

  • Standalone energy audits to international standards such as ASHRAE – reducing operating expenses and greenhouse gas emissions, and contribute to green building certification and improving benchmarking scores (e.g. GRESB)
  • Energy simulation services to international standards such as ASHRAE – simulating the performance of a building by using its design factors as well as equipment installed, effectively predict the performance index of the building such as electricity consumption
  • Green building certification consulting, specializing in USGBC’s LEED as an international standard and Evaluation Standard for Green Building (ESGB) as a domestic standard. ESG’s project experience spans Building Design and Construction (‘BD+C’), Interior Design and Construction (‘ID+C’), and Building Operations and Maintenance (‘O+M’)
  • WELL certification of Delos in the US focusing mainly on the indoor environmental quality from the medical and health perspectives while ESG’s professionals are all WELL AP.